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Yogurt Chips for Dog Treat Icing

yogurt chips

There are dog treat bakers who prefer to use yogurt chips when icing their creations. They are also called "yogurt coating chips."

These chips come in various colors and assorted flavors, the main ones being plain yogurt and carob. Carob chips are dark brown in color and can give a treat the look of chocolate. (Chocolate is not at all healthy for dogs while carob is.)

The chips have to be melted to use. Once melted, they make an easily spreadable mixture and can be used to coat biscuits, cookies, or poured over cakes, resulting in a smooth, shiny, firm icing.

BUT...there is a caveat...

These chips primarily contain sugar and fat which is why they make a good coating. There is some yogurt powder sprinkled into the mixture, but it is not the main ingredient.

The melting process can be difficult. The mix may seize up, requiring the addition of more fat to keep it flowing smoothly. The mixture must be kept warm or it will not spread. When it cools, it becomes firm.

This inherent nature of the chips is one of their biggest problems!

Treats and cakes decorated frosted with the chips must be kept cool. Otherwise, the icing will melt into a gooey mess.

Frosting chips are not recommended if you plan to ship your treats and cakes, or if you are going to put them out and the weather is warm.

Until recently, dog bakeries suspended shipping of frosted goods during the summer months for fear of their beautiful treats melting before reaching the customer. In some places, they couldn't even sell frosted treats due to the hot weather - no one would want to buy a beautiful cake that won't make it home without melting.

There is an alternative to yogurt coating chips that is quick and easy. It is called Fido's Frosting. It comes in either a frosting for spreading on dog cakes or piping decorations, or a royal icing for dogs that tends to flow better and is best used for flooding or drizzling. It dries hard and does not melt. It needs no refrigeration. Yogurt coating chips require refrigeration.

Find Fido's Frosting here: Fido's Frosting

For a truly expert website devoted to dog treat icing, and expert information about yogurt chips, visit

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Christmas Dog Treats decorated with Fido's Royal Icing for Dogs - made by @JenniferCoble

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