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What sort of treats can I give my Lhasa to prevent urine crystals from forming?

by Barb
(Reading, PA)

Zuzu's Petals

Zuzu's Petals

Hi, my 11 year old Lhasa, Zuzu, was recently operated on for urinary crystals. Our Vet put her on UrinarySo Modcal Canine as her regular food. She also informed us that this is the only food that Zuzu can eat. Isn't there something out there in the form of a treat that I could give Zuzu that would be a real "treat" for her and still aid in preventing the crystals from forming again? We are currently giving her small handfuls of the UrinarySo as a treat. Thank you.

Barb Brown

K9DogTreats: Hi Barb. Poor Zuzu! You do not mention the type of urine crystals, but typically when an operation is necessary, the crystals or stones tend to be of the calcium oxalate variety. Struvite stones, the other most common urine crystal in dogs, usually will dissolve by keeping the dog's urine in the acidic range and are easier to treat and manage.

Please read the information at:

Check with your vet if chicken jerky dog treats would be acceptable for Zuzu. For a recipe, go to

Please write back and give us an update!

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Jun 23, 2013
Treats for Dogs with Urine Crystals
by: Barb (Reading, PA)

Awesome! Thanks so much for posting a reply. I will check with my Vet first before making them. If I get the ok, I'll make them right away. I'll let you know how they turn out. Barb

We would love to have some follow-up. This is a difficult problem for the poor dog and the frustrated dog owner! Please stay in touch.

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