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Valentine Treats For Dogs

Just thinking about Valentine treats conjures up thoughts of the color red! Red dog icing is a great complement to make these treatments a holiday favorite. Pink and purple icing would add color variety.

A small amount of powdered coloring will not be harmful. You can substitute annato powder for completely all natural colored icing.

Of course you do not have to make red colored hearts. These gorgeous dog cakes from TheFive DogBarkery in the UK are called "Lovecakes":

Valentine treats for dogs

There are a lot of choices for cookie cutters to use or heart-shaped cookie cutters for homemade dog treats and dog cookies.

Examples of Valentine dog cookie cutters:

valentine treats cookie cutters

Then, make decorated dog treats using royal icing for dogs that has been colored with red and/or pink decorating gel or powder.

Red powdered coloring comes in one color - red.

Gel coloring for icing offers different choices of red and pink. From the Wilton line of icing colors, you can find:

  • Red-Red - a bright color
  • Christmas Red - slightly darker than red-red
  • No-Taste Red - a lighter shade of red, almost rose colored
  • Rose - a red-pink shade
  • Burgundy - darker than rose
  • Pink
  • Rose Petal Pink - darker than pink
  • Violet

Just a small amount of these gel colors will produce rich, deep hues. If you get them on your fingers, they will stain. But, by the end of the day, after multiple hand-washings, the stain will have just about washed off if not completely.

Violet will fade grayish in time especially if left in the sun, but your decorated dog treats are not likely to last long enough to worry about it.

The reason behind the various red shades is that large amounts of these gels will cause icing to leave an after-taste. That's why the no-taste red was developed.

For icing dog cookies, you will only be using a small amount of icing, and therefore only need a small amount of coloring, so taste is not likely to be an issue.

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