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Valentine Dog Treats

Valentine dog treats

Valentine dog treats from top dog bakeries around the world!

We feature links to holiday dog treats that you can send to dog lovers or a dog you love for Valentine's Day.

These Valentine treats are handmade by small pet bakeries. The bakeries are run by pet owners and pet lovers who know exactly what dog treat ingredients to use that your pet will enjoy.

The large retail stores that sell mass produced dog treats will not offer such beautiful and artistic treats like the ones you will find through these links. These treats are original and unique.

The vendors are located at the large online marketplace, When you visit their stores, take a look at all the treats they make. Be sure to browse the site for other pet crafts too.

New items are posted on a daily basis so make it a point to come back often to see what else is available. If you are looking for something really unique and special, let us know and we will find a vendor to accommodate your request.

Find dog treats, dog cakes, dog muffins, donuts for dogs, dog cannolis, dog candy and even pet pizzas all decorated in a Valentine theme and packaged beautifully too.All are made with dog safe ingredients although when you see the intricate work, it may be hard to believe! Dogs cannot eat chocolate, so rest assured that if you see what looks like a Valentine's chocolate, it is really carob.

Make someone's holiday special and memorable by remembering the pets. These listings will be available even after Valentine's Day, so send a Valentine pet treat any time you choose.

Valentine Treats

Mini Yogurt Filled Valentine Hearts (click for image)

Peanut Butter Valentine Cannolis (click for image)

Dog Paw Valentine Candy Bars (click for image)

Dog Paw Valentine Candy Bars (click for image)

Edible Art Valentines (click for image)

Handpainted Valentine Heart Dog Treats (click for image)

Valentines Treats Variety (click for image)

Small Valentines Treats (click for image)

Mini Valentine Dog Cakes (click for image)

Assorted Valentines Carob Dog Candy (click for image)

Carob Dipped Strawberry Shaped Cookies (click for image)

Natural Valentine Dog Cookies (click for image)

Peanut Butter Valentine Dog Cannolis (click for image)

Dog Bone Valentine Cookies (click for image)

Valentine Muffins And Dog Donuts (click for image)

Valentines Day Truffles For Dogs (click for image)

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