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Shih tzu with struvite and oxalate stones

by Elizabeth Greenwood

My neighbour's shih tzu has had surgery to remove bladder stones, which were both Struvite and calcium oxalate stones. She now has to have Royal Canin urinary food both wet and dry. The dog, Maddie, can never have any other foods. Are there any treats at all she can have? She use to enjoy chewing rawhide but no longer has anything she will chew, surely she needs to chew on something for her teeth.

Can you help with this problem at all? My neighbour is 83 and finds it difficult to understand why Maddie can't have the odd treat, although she doesn't give her anything else as she knows it could mean the return of the stones. It cost her over £800 for the treatment and surgery and the food is extremely expensive!
Many thanks,
Liz Greenwood

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Sep 30, 2012
Dog treats for Shih Tzu
by: Lotus Fairchild


Thank you for your question.

Dog bladder stones are an unfortunate malady. What is even more unfortunate for Maddie is that she suffers from two types of stones, which require contrary diet specifications.

Struvite stones are considered treatable by keeping the dog's urine in the acid range - ph<7.0. But oxalates form well in acidic urine!

This question is definitely one for a veterinarian or dog dietary expert.

Can somebody offer a suggestion answer for poor Maddie?


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