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Senior Dog Treats

Senior dog treats require a consideration any diet restrictions based on dog health issues.

Things to consider about older dogs:

  • Old dogs tend to be less active and require less calories. Smaller treat portions are adequate to prevent unnecessary weight gain.
  • A senior dog, just as in an older human, can lose his sense of taste. Old dog treats should have a desirable taste, and maybe a strong smell to entice the olfactory (nose) sense. We tried a "savory chicken" cake mix that had such a strong aroma, even dogs outside knew we were baking! Our geriatric dog couldn't wait to have a dog cookie!
  • As dogs age, they are at higher risk for failing dog health and may have certain illnesses that do require dietary restrictions. For example, kidney disease is a common old age ailment. An older dog with kidney problems may need a low protein diet. In that case, ingredients such as meat, chicken, liver, beef, bacon, and cheese would not be suggested. A plain dog biscuit mix is best. The finished product can be dressed up with a flavored dog treat frosting such as carob, vanilla, or blueberry.
  • Diabetic dogs cannot have sugar. If your dog has diabetes, choose one of the all natural sugar free cake mixes available. Use an all natural sugar free dog treat frosting as well. There may be other considerations depending on his kidney health. Always check with your vet first!
  • Make allergy free dog treats if your older dog has developed allergies to certain foods or has a "sensitive" stomach. Chicken and wheat are usually the food items cause sensitivity to develop.

Take the dog's health issues into consideration and make a dog birthday cake or special dog treats just for him!

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