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Pet Business Ideas For
A Home Based Business

Pet business ideas for a home based business are numerous. Individuals are starting their own businesses every day. Fortunately, the pet industry has proven itself to be recession proof.

Statistics show that more than half of American households include a dog. As of 2012, pet industry earnings were estimated to be $48 billion! Businesses providing pet services were the fastest growing segment and the home based dog business climate is a thriving one allowing the owner to stay home while working!

Home based dog busines

Some examples of pet businesses that can be run form home include:

Dog Treat Business

Do you enjoy baking? Is creating a new recipe your idea of fun? Do you love cake decorating? Consider starting a business making and selling your own dog treats, or even a dog bakery business. You will have to find out the rules and regulations that apply to your state or country, because they vary.

Join the Homemade Dog Treats Facebook Group and interact with others who are currently making and selling dog treats. Ask questions from experienced people and decide if this is something you want to pursue.

Pet Sitter Business

Pets are considered to be family and are treated as such. Pet parents can be over protective and only want the best for their furry kids. Many would never dream of placing Fido or Fluffy in a boarding facility while they went on vacation. Take advantage of this, especially if you love to be surrounded by cats and dogs (and maybe a bird or a ferret or a pet rat). Open your home and offer pet care services...for a fee, of course.

Dog Training Business

If you have that magic "dog whisperer" touch, this may be the perfect business for you. You can hold classes in your home, conduct private sessions, or meet at a public park (just make sure you have a permit if needed.) This particular business would require you to have some training yourself before you decide to call yourself an expert. There are classes and opportunities to help you achieve this goal.

Any of these businesses do not require formal higher education. There may be special licenses, and to be a dog trainer, you would benefit from going through a training program yourself. What they do require is a passion for working with animals and some "people skills" because you will be dealing with pet owners.

Seek out others with the same interests and share ideas and concerns. Ask questions before you commit to make sure that you want to invest your time and effort.

Marketing Dog Treats

Market Your Dog Sitting Business

Offline Business Promotion

Home Made Dog Treats

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