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Offline Business Promotion Ideas
For Your Pet Business

Offline business promotion of your pet business is important to find customers.

Internet marketing is important and there is a lot of emphasis on using social media options. Some people put off their business ideas because they are not computer savvy and are afraid to tackle the internet options. Read more about marketing dog treats.

We discuss internet marketing elsewhere. There are quite a lot of things you can do without turning a computer on. Many of them are what are known as "guerilla" tactics, which means they do not cost a lot of money to implement.

You are a small business and do not have the marketing budget that a huge corporation is fortunate to have. Furthermore, by implementing these techniques, you are bound to establish the types of customer relationships that a large company cannot.

* Attend local networking events. On your nametag, put a small blurb about your business.

* Print your website on your business cards, receipts, invoices, and mailing envelopes.

* Place a car sign with your website on your car, especially if you drive around town a lot. Consider a special license plate frame with your website, or even a brief slogan about your business if it will fit.

* Create your own T-shirt with your website printed on the back. This is especially useful if you attend sport events or go running and are expected to show up in a T-shirt!

* If you are in the dog treat business, create a special collar or dog shirt for your dog to help you promote! When you take your dog for a walk, or to a dog park, you will interact with other dog owners who just might be your specific target group. They will see your dog's "ad" and are sure to make a comment and ask you about your business.

* Visit our page about packaging for dog treats for ideas on how to put together a promotional package to show of your handiwork to people walking their dogs on your street while you walk yours!

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