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DIY New Dog Gift Basket

Giving a new dog gift basket to someone who just brought a new dog into the family is a perfect idea to help celebrate the occasion.

Dogs are truly part of the family. Whether it's a new puppy or an adopted older dog, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

You can play on the human ideas for new babies and make a gift basket to celebrate "It's A Boy!" or "It's a Girl!"

Include a cigar or a bottle of champagne for the humans.

Here are instructions to create your own new dog gift basket for a new boy dog.

new dog gift basket

What you need:

  • Homemade dog biscuit mix
  • Cookie cutters and/or dog cake pans
  • Dog treat icing
  • Dog treat decorations
  • Foil bone-shaped dog cake pan with lid
  • Dog-themed ribbon

Make the dog biscuits according to the instructions on the package of mix. Cut out desired shapes with cookie cutters or press the dough into cake pan.

For this dog craft, we chose to use a mini paw-print silicone baking pan, a small doughnut pan, and a small bone-shaped muffin pan. We also cut out mini circles using a tiny circle cookie cutter.

Press the dough into the baking pans and cook 18-22 minutes. The same amount of time applies to the cut out cookie shapes.

When the dog biscuits are finished, let them sit in the oven and harden at least 30 minutes.

Decorate using dog treat icing. We chose to use blue, brown and yellow for a "boy". Blue is for boys of course, and the brown icing made an interesting-looking dog doughnut. We used yellow to add a bright and happy feeling to the basket because adopting a new dog is a joyous occasion.

We used colored sesame seeds and colored coconut pieces to decorate the icing.

Then, we arranged the decorated dog biscuits into the foil bone-shaped cake pan. The reason we chose this as the container is that it can be used to bake a dog cake. So, essentially, you are giving two gifts in one!

Not only are you giving a gift of homemade dog treats, but you also are giving a dog cake pan with a lid! You can always include a gift certificate to a dog bakery supply to round it all out.

If you will be hand-carrying your treats, you can attach a balloon that says "It's A Boy", or put the treat container into a bigger basket and include cigars, champagne, and two plastic champagne glasses for extra effect.

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