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My Yorkie has crystals in her urine, she is 18 months

by Linda Fraser
(Cottonwood, AZ)

The only significant chews she gets are Himalayan yak chews and barkworthy beef pizzle. We are switching from regular dog food Beef Wild Calling to Royal Cain Yorkie to see if that helps. L am suspicious of the Yak Chews but the info says very little salt but if she chews 3-4 hours on one is that too much?

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Sep 17, 2015
Urine crystals and salt
by: K9DogTreats

This is definitely an issue to discuss with your vet. It is our understanding that struvite crystals easily form in an alkaline urine and dissolve in an acidic urine. Salt content does not alter the urine pH.

The question to ask your vet is if yak treats would contribute to urine acidity, thereby creating an environment conducive to dissolving crystals, and would he/she recommend them. Meat products tend to promote an acidic environment.

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