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Making Homemade Dog Treats: About Us

Welcome to K9DogTreats. Join us in making homemade dog treats with easy dog treat recipes. We emphasize do it yourself ideas for healthy dog treats even if don't know your way around a kitchen!

My name is Lotus Fairchild.

Making Homemade Dog Treats

A few years ago, one of my dogs began to hide in a corner and refused to come out. This was unusual as he was a very outgoing guy! He was diagnosed with struvite crystals in his urine. Apparently these feel like shards of glass as they pass through, and my little guy was in tremendous pain.

After treating him for an infection, which is a common precipatant for struvites, my vet informed me that I would have to modify his diet for the rest of his life to ensure that more urine crystals did not form.

I got on the internet and began reading about food choices and researching dog treats for this condition. It would be a shame not to share this information so this website was created.

I am a huge DIY proponent, so whenever I am making homemade dog treats with a new recipe or new products, or find easy dog crafts, I write about them! My homemade dog collars with neon phone numbers that glow in the dark are a huge hit at the dog park!

I have met some wonderful people alone the way in the dog treat business and other areas of the pet industry. This is a rhetorical question, but why do people who work with pets seem happier than those who work in cubicles all day long...

Please feel free to ask questions about dog treats and dog craft ideas. If you want to put up your own website, I can help you with that as well.

Special thanks to Frosting Fran from who has been a coach and mentor teaching me how to use social media and how to set up an affiliate marketing program. ( I put up red polka dots because they are so eye-catching!)

Happy Baking, Lotus

P.S. My dog, Red Rover, put up his own page - please visit him here: Make Dog Treats With Red Rover

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