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Make Dog Treats With Me, Red Rover!

Hi, I'm Red Rover.

I'm Top Dog at this operation. I let Mom make dog treats so that she will think she's the alpha dog. That's an alpha job. My job is to taste them.

Sometimes we have several rounds of tasting, you know, to get it just right. Somebody has to do it...

Making Dog Treats With VIzsl

Since this website is about dog treats, I thought it only fair that I get to write one of the webpages. But I am a dog, and I don't type that well, so these are my thoughts if I could write them down...just in case you were wondering...

If you are a woman starting a business, or a man, or even a canine... (I heard border collies are really smart and could probably run a dog treat business of their own), you might want to check out my mom at About Us.

Her name is Lotus Fairchild, and she's a baby boomer starting a new career. I am proud of her!

She was always interested in work at home crafts because she didn't get to spend much time there. She had to go to a job, drive kids around, run errands - you know, the human type of stuff.

Poor Mom. She would probably enjoy a dog's life.

A Dog's Life

Mom discovered that not all dog treats were created equal.

She decided that the best healthy dog treats would come from making homemade dog treats.

That way for sure they would contain healthy ingredients. See, my mom is all about what's best for her dog...that's why I love her.

She said that it would be a shame for all the information she gathered to go to waste and it would be useful for other people and their dogs to learn about treats they could make at home.

That's how her homemade dog treat business and this website got started.

Oh, by the way, my mom is also all about quick and easy.

She doesn't have a lot of time to spend baking dog treats. So she used quick and easy recipes which she shares with you. Trust me, the treats are great! But since I developed a dog health condition, I have to watch what I eat.

So my sister said she would take over the tasting job for me.

Make Dog Treats With Dalmatian

She will eat almost anything, especially expensive books - but Mom says those don't qualify as bone-a-fido dog treats. Poor sis - she's a dalmatian and must have some nutty idea that whatever isn't eaten will burn up or something like that.

Anyway, with the books my sister didn't devour, and through classes and networking and other human stuff, mom learned about starting a small business online. She put up pages on this website to help you if you want to start one too.

Oh, you don't have to write about hot to make dog treats, which is my pet peeve. (Get it? Ha ha ha.) There are so many great ideas out there, especially in the pet industry.

Please feel free to ask my Mom any questions and let her help you find stuff. That way you can help me out because I'm really a lap dog in disguise.

See, if Mom stays home, I can sit in her lap!

Red Rover

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