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K9 Quotables: Framed Quotes
for Pet Owner Gifts

K9 Quotables is a unique pet owner gift. Give this gift and you will be the only one who came up with this original idea.

A well-known pet gift designer has created a way to turn dog quotes into a piece of art. She takes a dog-themed background, "writes" the quote, then finishes it with an art metal frame.

A shiny metal chain or a suede leather loop can then be attached for hanging over a doorknob or on the wall. Or, just use it as a coaster, or a plaque.

Here's a photo of a finished framed quote piece:

Framed quote

The glass casing will not shatter, so don't worry if you drop it by accident.

You can choose the background and use a dog saying of your choosing. A plain or paw print background serves as a nice backdrop for the quote. The finished piece can be hung on the wall or on a door handle. It's a nice piece of decor especially at a pet business.

We offer some ideas below.

If it's to be a pet owner gift, it is a nice touch to "sign" it with that person's dog's name! They will really get a kick out the fact that their dog thought of them!

Examples of quotes about dogs will get you started on your search for the "perfect" quote:

A good dog deserves a good bone.

I bark so you don't have to! Love, Ranger

Don't blame me for any fleas! Bella

A house is not a home unless there's a dog there.

Dogs are people too! - Mariah

Want the best seat in the house? Move the dog!

Dog Quote

Bones recycled here. - Penny

My dog is not spoiled. I'm just well-trained.

My dog takes ME for a walk.

A house is not a home without a dog.

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