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Homemade Cat Treats

Homemade cat treats made by top pet bakeries make the perfect gift to send to a cat lover friend or to buy as special treats for your own cat.

We give you links to online vendors making their own teats for cats. These bakers are cat owners and lovers and know which ingredients to use to make treats that will have cats purring for more.

Shop For Cat Treats

Beg-N-Bites Cat Treats

These treats are made with real bacon and egg! you can request wheat free or gluten free too.

Catnip Cookies

Soft and chewy cat cookies, made with organic catnip.

Fresh Breath Cst Treats

Soft treats made with mint and parsley. For cats or dogs.

Pumpkin Treats For Sensitive Stomachs

All natural pumpkin treats are easy to digest.

Sweet Potato Treats

Soft and chewy treats.

Tasty Tuna Treats

All natural ingredients, no sugar or salt. Refillable container.

Handmade Cat Toys

Rope Cat Ball

Woven cotton rope. Proceeds benefit cats in need.

Feather Cat Teasers

Feather cat toys provide an opportunity for interactive play. Proceeds benefit cats in need.

Yarn Mouse With Feather Tail

Cats will love chasing this mouse made out of yarn. Proceeds benefit cats in need." target=_"blank" rel="nofollow">Handmade Catnip Cat Toy

Hand-knitted and filled with home-grown catnip!

How To Make Cat Treats

Treats For Cats

Cat Treat Recipes for Liver Cat Treats

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