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Easy Dog Treat Recipes

Some free dog treat recipes for you! These are quick and easy dog treat recipes for some of the most popular dog treats, many of which are certain flavors.

(Also called K-9 treats/simple receipts.)

You can make flavored dog treats either by using a specific ingredient, such as carob, or...

You can use a base mix for treats and turn it into a flavored treat with dog treat frosting!

Recipes for the following flavored easy to make dog treats are available here:

  • Peanut butter dog treats
    Find out the secret of peanut butter powder and why it is healthier than store-bought peanut butter
  • Carob dog treats
    Carob looks like chocolate, but it is naturally sweeter. It has no fat and no cholesterol. One tablespoon of carob has approximately twice as many calories as a tablespoon of chocolate. Dogs cannot have chocolate, so carob is used to create a chocolate look to dog cakes and treats.
  • Carob chip dog treats
  • Chicken dog treats Get more information about using white or dark meat chicken, plus a free dog treat recipe for Doggie Chicken Pot Pie
  • Blue berry dog treat
    Blueberries are low in fat, and high in fiber and Vitamin C. Dogs can eat them in moderation. Fold into homemade dog biscuit dough for a blueberry surprise.
  • Bacon flavored dog treats Use the bacon drippings from breakfast to add flavor to the dough for homemade dog biscuits
  • Cheese dog treat Dogs can have cheese. Find an easy cheese treat recipe and read about pros and cons of dairy products for dogs. Recommendations for types of cheese and why are provided.

The recipes here are for cheap dog treats that your dog will enjoy, but won't break your wallet.

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