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K9 Dog Treats Recipe Testimonials

K9 Dog Treats Recipe testimonials are posted here for you to read and enjoy.

We love receiving them, so we wanted to share them too! We do our best to serve our readers. Sometimes we have the answer they need, sometimes there is no answer. But every question will be answered.

We receive many questions about making homemade dog treats for dogs who suffer from struvite crystals. Fortunately, there are recipes to make dog treats to help prevent future struvites from forming.

We also receive quite a few questions about dog treats for dogs who have a calcium oxalate stone problem. Those are not that easy to answer. We wish they were.


From Louise and Dusty:

Thanks Lotus. We have had Dusty for 13 of her 15 years, and she is brilliant. I will look at the info you have linked me to. Much appreciated. Its great that you provide such useful and important info and ideas. Well done you. All the very best. From Dusty and me! Having a woofingly good day :))

From Gloria:

Thank you so much for the recipe. Since my dog can have rice, I am searching for recipes using rice flour. We are on a homemade diet (with supplements) to prevent any new stones. It has been a journey. I have been to the 2nd chance site and it has been very helpful.

From Ramona and Chuey:

Thank you. I will read through all of this. I appreciate your help and information.

From Robin:

Thank you for your help!

From Sue:

Thanks for your reply, yep keep me informed please!

We would like to reach out to veterinarians who might be interested in helping to answer some of the difficult questions we receive about dog health and dog treats for various conditions. If you think your vet might be interested in being available to help answer a question every now and then, please ask him or her and then provide us with the contact information. We will print the vet's office location!

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