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Peanut butter and crystals

Is peanut butter ok for dogs with crystals in their urine?

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Treats for struvite crystals in dog

I have a little schnauzer who is predisposed to struvite crystals. We have a good food and if we keep her urine acidic the crystals stay away. I am just

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Safe dog treats after bladder stone surgery

My rescued bichon is having his 2nd surgery for bladder stones. After surgery I was told he could ONLY eat his prescription dog food. No more treats or

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Avoid potatoes, they are high in oxalates

I was reading your list of ingredients for the oxalates stone treats and wanted to let you know that according to all the lists I've read - That both potatoes

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Soft treat for small dog w/ struvite

My 5 year old bichon-poodle mix male dog has been having occasional flare ups of struvite crystals over the last 2 years. He is now eating only Royal Canin

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Cystine stones

Could anyone reccommend a dog treat for my dog who has had surgery to remove cystine stones. many thanks in advance

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Shitzu with Struvite urinating in the house again after 12 years.

Our Shitzu, who is 12, is urinating in the house again after not doing so for years and years. Could the Struvite be causing this? Any thoughts on how

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Mini Dingo rawhaide treats

Our dog had struvite surgery today. Are rawhide treats (her favorite toy) okay to feed after she heals?

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is there any other treats i could give my dog

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Homemade food

my dog has struvite crystals and bladder infection. She is on antibiotics and Hills c/d, but I would like to give her homemade food. I hace read it should

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what is the best store bought treats

My 5 year old female is mixed caring terrier and toy poodle.she just had bladder stones removed she had seven of them . I would like to know what is the

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My Yorkie has crystals in her urine, she is 18 months

The only significant chews she gets are Himalayan yak chews and barkworthy beef pizzle. We are switching from regular dog food Beef Wild Calling to Royal

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carob treats

Our dog has a tendency to get struvite crystals. Is it safe to include carob in her homemade doggy treats? Thanks so much!

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I would like to offer acidic treats to my dog having struvite crystals

I found a list of acidic/ acid producing foods. Could you tell me what is safe for me to cook/ bake or offer raw and will not undermine the special

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Recipe for dogs with oxylate stones

My dog was diagnosed with oxylate stones. That is my vets educated guess as the stone was not removed and tested. He had a urinary blockage and the

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