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Dog Treat Bag And Other
Packaging For Dog Treats

A dog treat bag is exactly what the name implies: a bag designed for a dog treat gift!

  • Cellophane bags are great for dog treat packaging because they let the recipient get somewhat of a glimpse of what's inside. They come in different colors, some already decked out with paw prints.
  • You can find a dog treats bag called a carrier bag with the paw print design and handles. Or choose one without handles.
  • Wrap the treats in paw print tissue paper.
  • Tie up the decorator bags with a paw print ribbon.
  • Take a bag dog treat when you travel to visit dog lover friends. Easily slip it into your purse or backpack. Your friends will really love that you thought of their dog!
  • Give the bags as gifts to clients of your dog sitting business.
dog treat bag cello bags

When you take on a new client, make sure you find out their dog's birthday. Even if dog owners don't know the true birthday, they usually have one that they celebrate...especially if there are children in the household. A child once told us that all dogs' birthdays occur on the first day of the month.

  • Other paw print items that are popular include wrapping paper. And there are stamp kits and other items found in crafts stores to stimulate your imagination for dog gift bag decoration.
  • Use dog bone cookie cutters or other themed cookie cutters to complete the presentation with homemade dog biscuits and dog treat icing.
  • Or, create homemade dog treats in bone shapes or paw shapes with a silicone mold that makes it easy to create either dog biscuits or cakes for dogs

Buy the cello bags in bulk and the price is cheaper. Typically they will come in lots of 100 for the bulk pricing. You can always find use for them!

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