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DIY Dog Lovers Gift Basket

Give a dog lovers gift basket to a friend who loves dogs. It will be appreciated as a holiday gift, a birthday gift, a gift to bring for a visit, or any other occasion!

What would be in such a dog gift basket?

If the person was fanatic about a specific breed, you could put breed-specific items.

If they spent a lot of time at the dog park, taking their dog to the beach, or traveling, you could include dog toys for them to share with the dog on these outings.

Since this website focuses on dog treats, we created our own version of a dog lovers gift we would like to receive:

diy dog lovers gift basket

And here's how it looks wrapped up and ready to go:

wrapped diy dog lovers gift basket

What you need:

We included baking products for a homemade dog cake:

  • One package dog cake mix
  • One package dog treat frosting mix
  • A mini-paw print dog cake pan
  • Box of powdered colors to color the frosting
  • Small container of colored coconut decorations
  • A spatula
  • A knife to spread the frosting

Everything needed to get started making dog treats! All that's missing is the dog to eat them when done.

An all-inclusive gift like this is a very thoughtful gift. Instead of buying something that may or may not be what a person would ever use, it is a full package and is more personal than one of the popular gift cards to coffee houses or large department stores that are frequently given as gifts.

This type of gift screams that you put thought into it and thought specifically of the person to whom it is given. It is not a gift that you could give to anyone, like a coffee gift card.

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