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Easy Dog Cake Recipes

Don't even feel guilty about it. Use a pre-made dog cake mix.

My ideal cake mix recipe involves pouring cake mix into a bowl, adding water, mixing, and I'm done. The honored dog who gets to eat the cake is not going to ask nor care if it's homemade or from a dog bakery.

The important thing is to make sure the cake ingredients are dog-friendly.

Do not use a regular cake mix from a grocery store. It is mostly sugar. The way you can tell is by looking at the ingredients. If sugar, or fructose, or corn syrup is the first ingredient in a product, then you know it is the predominant ingredient.

There are homemade cake mixes available from companies selling dog bakery supplies that are gluten free, corn free, soy free and wheat free. Gluten, corn, soy and wheat are common causes of dog allergies.

There may be sugar in the ingredients. But that's OK.
Sugar is necessary:

  • It helps the cake to rise
  • It acts as a binder agent for dog treats
  • It creates the golden brown color

The best part? Homemade cake mixes come in a variety of flavors!

There are creative cake pan shapes you can use to create unique themes.

To finish off your cake, use a simple dog treat frosting. This too comes in a package where all you have to do is add water, stir, and frost the cake. Then you can spend more time on the cake decoration.

Turn a simple cake mix into a dog birthday cake masterpiece. These images take you step by step and show you how easy it is.

Try this dog birthday cake recipe for Party Time Dog Cake.

Or...another one of our cake recipes for Peanut Butter Tuxedo Cake.

Professionally decorated cakes for dogs

Make sure to check out these baking tips if your cake for dogs does not come out as you would like:

Cake Baking Tips 1

Cake Baking Tips 2

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