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Gluten Free Dog Cake Recipe

A gluten free dog cake recipe is perfect for the dog who has gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease, an autoimmune illness in which the body attacks itself whenever gluten is ingested, leads to damage in the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients, eventually causing malnutrition. Celiac sprue, as it is known, is apparently common in Irish Setters because the breed's genetic make-up predisposes for it. But other breeds of dogs may suffer from it as well. Wheat, corn and rye are common gluten products that should be avoided in their diet.

Some people just like to jump on the vogue bandwagon. If your dog does not have a gluten sensitivity, then you do not have to worry. "Gluten-fee" also means more expensive. It is not necessarily a healthier way of eating if your dog does not have any health issues requiring that you feed him this way.

Rice flour is considered gluten free. The flour is produced by grinding white rice into a very fine powder. It is a good substitute to use for wheat flour.

But rice flour cannot be used in baking just by itself. Other ingredients have to be combined with it to get it to produce similar results to wheat flour.

If you will do a lot of gluten-free baking for dogs, you may wish to make it easy on yourself and use a gluten-free dog cake mix. This mix is not only gluten-free, it wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free, and sugar-free. So there are no common allergens for dogs in this cake mix.

gluten-free dog cake recipe mix

Made from rice flour, use this mix in your dog cake recipe the same as you would use wheat flour. It already contains the other ingredients necessary to use for baking. All you have to do is add an egg, oil and water in the amounts specified on the package, stir and bake.

Bake it in a bone shaped dog pan as you would any other dog birthday cake recipe.

Then, decorate with Fido's Frosting. According to the ingredients as listed, this yogurt icing mix for dogs appears to be gluten free. However, if you have concerns, it is advisable to check with your vet first by giving him or her the list of ingredients to make sure all would be fine.

Some reasons to make a cake for dogs include the following celebrations:

  • A dog's graduation from obedience class
  • A dog's adoption into his new family
  • A dog's "bark" mitzvah
  • A "sweet" sixteen party
  • A welcoming to a new "neighbor"
  • Winning a dog show award

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