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Dog Bladder Stones and
Healthy Dog Treats

Dog bladder stones are a common dog health malady especially in selected dog breeds due to their genetic make-up. For example, Bichon Frises, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus are some breeds predisposed to calcium oxalate stone formation.

Click here to learn more about calcium oxalate stones and what causes them to form.

The other common bladder ailment in dogs is the formation of struvite stones.

Each of the above links will take you to a page that will offer in-depth information.

Cute Yorkshire Terrie

We get numerous requests from dog owners about making healthy dog treats for their dogs who suffer from these dog health issues.

We offer a dog biscuit recipe for dogs with struvite crystals and we also give some information to the best of our knowledge for a dog treat recipe for dogs with oxalates.

We are not vets so we request and advise that before you give your dog anything edible, please clear it with your own veterinarian. Your dog may have other health issues as well that could potentially impact what he or she should eat. The recipes we give you are general in nature but can always be tailored for your dog's specific needs. Once you understand how the bladder stones form, you will then be knowledgeable to know what foods to absolutely stay away from.

On the pages with the clinical information, we also provide a website with articles written by a vet for anyone who wants in-depth clinical information. The articles are quite informative and come from his own experiences treating these issues.

Finally, we provide a form to submit your questions regarding bladder stones in dogs. We do our best to answer promptly, but sometimes we need more information and contact a vet expert to make sure we provide you with correct answers. We also invite vets to comment and help make sure our readers get the best advice!

Questions: Struvites or Oxalates And Dog Treats?

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Q and A From Other Readers

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Struvite stones - Diet 
Her dog is on a special diet for her struvite stones . Can dogs with Struvite stones chew on a rawhide bone or bully stick?

Homemade treats for dogs with calcium oxalate stones 
I was wondering if COCONUT FLOUR would be safe to use for dogs prone to calcium oxalate stones? I did find a recipe with this type of flour, pumpkin puree, …

Homemade food  
my dog has struvite crystals and bladder infection. She is on antibiotics and Hills c/d, but I would like to give her homemade food. I hace read it should …

what is the best store bought treats 
My 5 year old female is mixed caring terrier and toy poodle.she just had bladder stones removed she had seven of them . I would like to know what is the …

Cranberry dog treats and urine crystals 
Can I make dog treats for my dog with crystals in her urine from cranberries with flour and oats? Thank you, Steff

Dog treats for dog with crystals 
I need a recipe for dog treats for my dog that had surgery to remove crystal blockage. He misses dog treats.

Dog treats for dog with bladder stones 
My 90 lb English Lab just had surgery to remove bladder stones (almost 8 lbs). Our vet changed her food to Royal Canin urinary SO. Are there any treats …

Calcium Oxilate stones  
I have a mini schnauzer, 3yrs old and has had 2 surgeries for calcium oxalate stones. This last surgery was emergency as a stone was caught in his uretha. …

Dog biscuit mix and struvite stones 
Where can I get the dog bisquit mix? Our Shih tzu just had surgery for struvite bladder stones and cannot have any of the treats we used to give her. …

Dental chews and dog bladder stones 
We have a cocker spaniel (Charlie) who has recently had an operation to remove both oxalate & struvite stones. He is now on a special diet for this …

Dog chew stick with oxalate stones 
Is there any kind of chew stick, I can give my bichon with calcium oxalate stones?

Dog treats and oxalate stones 
Please can you advise me what fruits or vegetables I can give my 12yr old dog who has had oxalate stones removed as a treat? Thank you.

Dog Treats And Dog Health 
Same thing with our dog so we give him the royal canin urinary SO and then i baked the wet food in little chunks and both dogs love them (wont harm the …

Shih tzu with struvite and oxalate stones 
My neighbour's shih tzu has had surgery to remove bladder stones, which were both Struvite and calcium oxalate stones. She now has to have Royal Canin …

Dog treats for calcium oxalate stones Not rated yet
Calcium oxalate stones were removed from Jenny a few months back. She was used to getting a treat in the evening a d now I had to stop because the vet …

greenies and bladder stones.  Not rated yet
I give my dogs 1 petite grain free greenie a day, one has had bladder surgery for stones. Is this okay for her, tried the one snacks from the vet , she …

Homemade treats for dogs with calcium oxalate stones Not rated yet
I was wondering if COCONUT FLOUR would be safe to use for dogs prone to calcium oxalate stones? I did find a recipe with this type of flour, pumpkin puree, …

Safe dog treats after bladder stone surgery  Not rated yet
My rescued bichon is having his 2nd surgery for bladder stones. After surgery I was told he could ONLY eat his prescription dog food. No more treats or …

Avoid potatoes, they are high in oxalates Not rated yet
I was reading your list of ingredients for the oxalates stone treats and wanted to let you know that according to all the lists I've read - That both potatoes …

Mini Dingo rawhaide treats Not rated yet
Our dog had struvite surgery today. Are rawhide treats (her favorite toy) okay to feed after she heals?

Cystine stones Not rated yet
Could anyone reccommend a dog treat for my dog who has had surgery to remove cystine stones. many thanks in advance

treats Not rated yet
is there any other treats i could give my dog

carob treats Not rated yet
Our dog has a tendency to get struvite crystals. Is it safe to include carob in her homemade doggy treats? Thanks so much!

Recipe for dogs with oxylate stones Not rated yet
My dog was diagnosed with oxylate stones. That is my vets educated guess as the stone was not removed and tested. He had a urinary blockage and the …

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10yr Min Schnauzer Holly, oxalate bladder stones removed approx 3yrs Not rated yet
Hello, My female Schnauzer Holly had oxalate stones removed from her bladder approximately 3yrs ago, since then l have been extremely careful with her …

Acceptable dog treats Not rated yet
Are there any chewie's or bones, like rawhides, or anything like that which would be acceptable for an occassional treat? My 4 year old rescue dog just …

Peanut butter dog treats Not rated yet
My bichon recently had struvite stones removed. I saw your recipe for peanut butter treats but I have no idea where to buy dog biscuit mix. Is it possible …

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