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Dog biscuit mix and struvite stones

by Pat

Where can I get the dog bisquit mix?

Our Shih tzu just had surgery for struvite bladder stones and cannot have any of the treats we used to give her.

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Sep 05, 2013
Dog biscuit mix
by: K9DogTreats

I personally use the dog biscuit mix for my dog who was diagnosed with struvite crystals. K9Katie's Natural, Sugar-Free, Cake and Biscuit Mix. It is a wheat-based mix. Wheat is touted as being an ingredient that will promote an acidic urine, which helps to dissolve struvites and prevent their formation.

You are only using it as a treat, not a meal, so giving your dog a wheat based product will not harm him. Beware of the "grain free" advocates - there is nothing wrong with wheat.

Please double-check with your vet first. The ingredients of the mix are listed on the

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