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Dental chews and dog bladder stones

by Jamie

We have a cocker spaniel (Charlie) who has recently had an operation to remove both oxalate & struvite stones.

He is now on a special diet for this condition (Royal Canin urinary S/O LP18)

What can we give him for his dental health? We used to give him a dental chew every day but were advised not to continue with this.

Is there anything that he can chew to clean his teeth & gums and not harm him?

Thank you.

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Sep 05, 2013
chew choice
by: Cristina

Because of the fact he had stones it is strongly recommended not to give cow bones. For his teeth antlers are a good choice, also sweet potato chews that have been dried out. If you would like abone then go with bison. Letting him play with a polar fleece tug will help clean his teeth but none of this replaces brushing his teeth.
I have had two that have developed stones.

Sep 05, 2013
Chew items
by: Joy

Raw cow bone can help clean his teeth, but more so a nice tug toy. Playing tug with your dogs is a great way to clean up their teeth. Here is a website to a very good tug for this.

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