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Decorating Dog Treats

Follow these easy tips for decorating dog treats in your own dog treat business. They are quick and easy. The pros do the same things!

"How To Decorate" Tips:

  • Crosshatch marks - using a homemade dog biscuit mix, drop the dough on the cookie sheet, then flatten with a fork. (First dip the fork tines in a little four to prevent stickiness.)
  • Flattened treats - take a small metal spatula and flatten the dough after it is dropped onto a cookie sheet. Not only do you get the "flattened" effect, but the dough bakes more evenly.
  • Sprinkle shiny edible glitter on the dough before baking. It comes in 15 different colors, including gold and confetti style and is sugar free.
  • Use 3D-colored writers for fine-line decorating. These also come in over 15 different colors.
  • Finish the treats with all natural dog treat frosting that comes in various flavors. Buy the dog treat frosting powder to turn it into different colors to make themed treats.
decorating dog treats with dog treat icing

You can dip dog biscuits into the dog icing and create a rainbow of dog biscuit colors as show in the image above. These biscuits were decorated using Fido's Frosting dog treat frosting that is sugar free and dries hard.

Drizzle colored icing for another pretty effect.

Make decorative flowers or any other type of decoration, like stars, shells, borders, using cake decorating tools.

Use natural yogurt royal icing with no egg products or sugar - to create special icing effects and write messages on dog cakes like "Happy Birthday", "To the Top Dog", "Princess", for examples.

To find a variety of decorations for dog treats and to get professional ideas, click here:

Dog Treat Decorations

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