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Acceptable dog treats

Are there any chewie's or bones, like rawhides, or anything like that which would be acceptable for an occassional treat? My 4 year old rescue dog just had a golf ball and 2 dimes sized stones removed. Will probably have to go to a homemade diet of some sort - SHE HATES THE SCIENCE DIET AND ROYAL CANINE!!! I saw some recipes for some homemade treats, but she sure loves "chewing" on something for a while and doesn't care for toys. Anything you know of that would be acceptable?

K9DogTreats: You mention that your dog had stones removed. It is important to know the make-up of these stones because you would not want to give the dog any foodstuffs that would promote new stone formation. Please check with your vet as to what types of stones your dog is making.

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