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10yr Min Schnauzer Holly, oxalate bladder stones removed approx 3yrs

by Gwyneth Dufton
(Perth Western Australia)

Hello, My female Schnauzer Holly had oxalate stones removed from her bladder approximately 3yrs ago, since then l have been extremely careful with her food. She is on a natural cooked diet of roo meat with vegetables such as pumpkin, bokchoy, peas, zucchini, to which l add supplements like digestive enzymes, Vitagest, fish oil and cranberry also Potassium citrate that my vet advised.

Lately Holly appears to be thinner, l have mentioned this to her vet and she checked her out; so l'm wondering what foods l can safely add to her diet to help her regain some weight. l feel she has lost the weight due to the lack of vegetables that would normally bulk her out.

Would be grateful if you could advise on a recipe that would be more satisfying for her. Would she benefit from oil such as Safflower etc.

Hope you can help.



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