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Homemade Dog Treats:
Tips And Tricks

Making homemade dog treats

You found us because you want to make your own homemade dog treats. Welcome. Come on in. We can't wait to share with you the interesting information that we have learned over the years.

Pet treats are not just for your own dogs. You love your dog, don't you? You consider your pets to be family, right? Join the club! You are now officially known as a "pet parent".

Here's some "dog food" for thought:

Were you aware that half of American households include at least one dog?

Do you enjoy working at crafts? Baking for dogs and coming up with creative products is a do it yourself gold mine. Dog crafts and baked goods can be used at fundraisers, to celebrate pet business openings, as promotions and giveaways, plus more options.

Are you looking for a new career? Certain pet businesses can be home-based business. Plus, the pet industry is evergreen and recession-proof. You can still run a treat making business from home.

Through this website, we will introduce you to the following do it yourself information:

  • Healthy treat recipes to help you get started
  • Information about the latest dog bakery supplies
  • Dog business marketing and promotion tips
  • Recipe information for dogs with certain health issues
  • How to turn your pet treat creations into dog gifts
  • And more...
bone shaped dog cak

The American baby boomer demographic is roughly 88 million. Many are quickly entering the empty nest demographic. Many are living alone. Dogs are taking the place of children and we are seeing what is being referred to as "the humanization" of pets.

Because pet parents are involved with their dog's nutrition, any old dog biscuit or bargain priced food just will not do. There is a rise in demand for healthy treats, all natural ingredients, and dog bakeries are flourishing. Some of them are simply operating from a Facebook page or an Etsy storefront.

Please ask us questions! There will be forms in certain sections throughout the website specifically for inquiries. Don't be shy! Someone else may have the same question, and we will keep you anonymous.

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